Word 2010

Where are the tools? - (an interactive site that tells where to find tools in 2010)

The Menus that you are used to have been replaced by 8 tabs!

  • Save As
  • Open/Close
  • Info
    • Permissions- Password Protect/Lock document, Forms...
    • Prepare for Sharing- Check for issues if another person will be using the document with a different version
    • Versions- manage different versions with different options of the same document
    • Recent Documents
    • New- In creating new documents, this is the place to choose templates, or to start from a blank document. (there is a preview screen on the right to show the layout!) After you've chosen your layout, CLICK CREATE!!!
    • Print- Choose Printer, Choose Print Settings, Number of Copies, CLICK PRINT!
    • Save and Send- Allows you to save to the web, change file type, or to send as an attachement in an email.
    • Options- Program Options (used to be under the TOOLS Menu)

  • Clipboard Group
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
      • When you paste content, the Paste Options button provides different options, depending on the source program of the content.

        Keep Source Formatting option button Keep Source Formatting This option preserves the look of the original text.
        Keep Text Only option button Keep Text Only This option removes all the original formatting from the text.
        Link and Keep Source Formatting option button Link & Keep Source Formatting This option preserves the look of the original text, and it maintains a link to the source file and updates the pasted text with any changes that are made to the source file.
        Link and Use Destination Styles option button Link & Use Destination Styles This option formats the text to match the style that’s applied where the text is pasted. It also maintains a link to the source file and updates the pasted text with any changes that are made to the source file.
        Merge Formatting option button Merge Formatting This option changes the formatting so that it matches the text that surrounds it.
        Picture option button Picture This option inserts the text as an image.
        Use Destination Styles option button Use Destination Styles This option formats the text to match the style that’s applied where the text is pasted.
        Use Destination Theme option button Use Destination Theme This option formats the text to match the theme that’s applied to the document where the text is pasted.
  • Font Group
    • Text Formatting

  • Paragraph Group
    • Bullets/Numbered list (you can customize multilevel groups!!!)
    • Allignment
    • Background color (only behind text)
    • Borders and Shading
    • Sorting
    • Indent
    • Line Spacing
    • Paragraph

  • Styles Group
    • Quick Styles
    • Change Styles
      • Shows preview of your document in that style!!!!
    • Editing
      • Find
      • Replace

  • Pages Group
    • Insert a Cover Page (templates are available)
    • Insert a Blank Page (not really necessary if you just keep typing, a new page will be created automatically.)
    • Insert a Page Break (great to keep formatting intact when going from page to page.)

  • Tables/Illustrations Group
    • Insert Table
    • Insert Spreadsheet into your Document
    • Insert Illustrations
      • Pictures
Insert Picture from File
Insert Clipart
  • Brings up a search box to search for clipart
Insert Shapes
  • Automatically brings up the Drawing Tools Dialog Box
  • See Drawing Tools
Insert SmartArt
  • Insert A visual graphic representation of your information
  • choosing from among many different layouts
Insert Chart
Insert Screenshot
  • Gives you the option of pages you already have open
  • You can also capture part of an image or screen.
  • Links Group
    • Hyperlink
    • Bookmark
    • Cross-Reference

  • Header/Footer Group
    • Insert a Header
    • Insert a Footer
    • Insert Page Numerbers

  • Text Group
    • Text Box
    • Quick Parts
    • WordArt
    • Drop Cap- great for newsletters!
    • Date & Time
    • Object-can be other PDFs, Charts from spreadsheets, slides from powerpoints, etc.

  • Symbols Group
    • Equation- inserts a "template" of common equations
    • Symbol- Choose from many symbols to add to your Document

  • Themes Group
    • Color Themes
    • Font Themes

  • Page Setup Group (used to be file menu
    • Margins- choose from built-in list or create your own
    • Orientation- Protrait or Landscape
    • Size- Page size
    • Columns- Many choices!
    • Breaks- set them up for the document
    • Line Numbering
    • Hyphenation

  • Page Background Group
    • Watermark- faint text in the background (ex. Confidential)
    • Page Color- Choose a background color or Picture to serve as a background image
    • Page Borders-
      • Basically the borders and shading option as in Tables
      • Can also insert a Horizontal Line here!

  • Paragraph Group
    • Indent
    • Spacing- this tool is just for before and after text. To set line spacing, click the dialog box launcher in the bottom right corner of the group.

  • Arrange Group
    • Position- mostly for pictures and objects
    • Wrap Text- choose how your text will be set around a picture or object
    • Bring Forward/Send Backward- Chooses what "layer" something is. Similar to layers in Smart/Promethean!
    • Selection Pane- shows individual objects and their hierarchy in order. (This window is like a cross between Active Inspire and Photoshop!)
    • Align- Align objects, pictures, tables, etc.
    • Group- Group objects like you would in Active Inspire or Smart Notebook!
    • Rotate- Rotate objects or pictures.

You can insert footnotes, end notes, bibliography, citations, Table of Figures, Captions, Cross Reference,
Table of Authorities, Index, Table of Contents, all with one click!!! Very Convenient!!!

To learn more

To Learn More,

  • Proofing Group
    • Spelling/Grammar Check
    • Research
    • Thesaurus
      • Word Count
        • great for essays that have to be a certain length!!!!

  • Language Group
    • Translate and Choose Languages and settings

  • Comments Group
    • add notes to students papers!
    • can link comment to individual words, lines, paragraphs, etc

  • Tracking
    • is mostly for tracking changes in documents that are being collaborated on

  • Changes
    • a way to navigate through comments and proposed changes by collaborators of a document

  • Compare
    • Compare different versions of the same document

  • Protect
    • this is where you set security settings on a document.
    • used when creating forms in Word

  • Document Views Group
    • This is the layout in which you view your document in Word
  • Show Group
    • Choose what rulers are viewable in your document
  • Zoom Group
    • Zoom in or out
    • View one or two pages
  • Window Group
    • open a new window
    • Choose how you view your Word Document Windows